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Pick up to two rackets that fit your playing style. Not sure what to pick?
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Go out and play! We want you to have the perfect racket for YOU. That’s why we let you keep both rackets for a whole month while you try them out. At any time during the month, you can come back and switch out the rackets.

Bring the rackets back to the shop and select a winner! And the best part is, the $25 demo fee will go towards your new racket!

This Month’s Featured Rackets

Yonex | Duel G 97

Perfect for hard hitters looking for more flex and heavier spin.

Head | Radical MP

Endorsed by Andy Murray, this is a great all-around racket for intermediate to advanced players. Head size is 98 sq inches and 10.4 oz.

Wilson | Ultra Tour 97

A thin beam and 18×20 string pattern make the Ultra Tour perfect for a player looking for more control. Recommended for intermediate to advanced players.